Technical Help

Who are these people? What do you want to know?
Ta ni wvn nyn wzny? Who are these people?
Zjzq<n Professor Zmzw Ph.D. / Doctorate
Olk<Teacher/ Instructor Ak}kz< Student
Zgb}ni Mr. Omidan Miss
Arbnrin Mrs. Olrnl<w< oluk< Teaching Assistant
Vknrin Man/ male Obnrin Woman/ female
K ni wvn nnkan wznyi? What are these things?
Klsi/ yr k<w (Yorb) (Yorb) Classroom
Ptk Blackboard
X<zk tb cfun ikzw Chalk
ga tb jk Chair
Tbl Table
Aworn Picture/ painting
Mapu tb wrn Ay Map
giri Wall
Il|kun Door
Frs Window
Aago giri Wall Clock
p Bag
w Book
p w Book bag/ school bag/ envelope
w atmz d Dictionary
L}|d tb P}nsulu Pencil
Bb tb w tb Tkd Paper
Gg tb P}|ni tb Klm Pen
pwr} tb rs Eraser (book)
Rl Ruler
K ni o f} mz? What do you want to know?
Apkv Dictation Arkv Composition
Xp}l/ Sp}|l Spelling Fw}l Vowel
K<nsnnt Consonant Zrz Word
Gblhn Sentence hun gblhn Paragraph
Akvl Title Ck< Lesson/ education
Or Chapter/ head Ap Part/ section/ arm
Oj ew/ Oj w Page (number) l Line
Ix} xxe Exercise/ work Idray Exercise/ Fun
Ay|w Test/ review Idnw Examination
Ixil/ ix sew-latile/ ixc xelvl Homework assignment
Ibr (br) Question (to.) Idhn (dhn) Answer (to.)
Ib|r| (b|r|) Beginning (to.) par (par) End (to.)
p|crc/ pcrc Example Grm Grammar
x Culture Zrz xe Verb
Zrz orkv Noun Zrz ar<p orkv Pronoun
B}|ni Yes/ it is so B}| k</ O t/ Rr No
tiAndTb Or 
Xq<nButP|l With
By Maybe Ntor/Ntorp Because
Ntor n Therefore B}| b}| lv And so on (etc.)
Orxirxi Various things Nsisy Right now / this moment
O dra Very goodK bur Not bad
Omrn/ mrn Another (different thing)Zpz / Zpzlvpz Many/ several
D| Little/ fewPpz Many/ a lot
Gan an (ni) Very muchRr Not at all
Tt di Until Tt d Up to (Count from 1 up to 10)
Apjwe Description fiknlukn Discussion
Aly Explanation Kkn vs. Xk detailed vs. brief
K ni o f} sv?*What do you want to say?
GfrExcuse me Mo n brI have a question
N k rntI dont remember Mo qqI forgot
Mo ti qq I have forgotten N k mzI dont know
P|l} Sorry (sympathy) M bn Sorry (apology)
(C) Sv p....Say that (C) Jzw<, (c) tn un svPlease repeat
Mo fc sv ede OyinboI want to speak English
(C) sv < ni d ynb   Say it in English
(C) br l<w< ___ Ask (from) ___ (C) Dhn Answer
O x Thank you A dupc Thank you/ I am grateful
K t<p}Youre welcome/ dont mention

K ni tumz ___? What does ___ mean?

(C) Bi Akin (lr) Ask AKIN (C) Bi Akin lr p Ask AKIN whether....

Bwo ni a xe n sv Patako ni d ynb?

How do we say Patako in English?

Bwo ni a xe n sv Blackboard ni d ynb?

How do we say Blackboard in English?

X y c? Do you understand? B}| ni, y mi Yes, I understand
t, k y mi No, I dont understand X w rc Open your book
Mo f} lv s il tz I want to go to the bathroom X mo l lv s ta? Can I go outside?
*Phrases with (C) indicate alternatives for addressing more than one person or an older person.