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A. Andika Siku za wiki kwa Kiswahili. Write the days of the week in Kiswahili.
1. Saturday
2. Sunday
3. Monday
4. Tuesday
5. Wednesday
6. Thursday
7. Friday
B. Andika miaka hii kwa maneno. Write the following years in words.

1. 1960
2. 1958
3. 1972
4. 1964
5. 1950

C. Ni mwezi gani? What month is it?
Kwa mfano: Januari ni mwezi wa kwnza. 1. Februari ni
1. Februari ni
2. Machi ni
3. Juni
4. Septemba
5. Novemba

D. Andika insha fupi kuhusu wewe mwenyewe na familia yako. Write a short essay about yourself (write a short essay about you and your family. In your essay talk about: where you stay, what is your address, your phone number, when were you born, when were your sibilings born, what school are you attending/where do you work, what days do you study/work?).

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