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Select Unit > Unit 15: Ix} Olùk<> Exercise 5:

Exercise 5:    Based on lesson 5, select the answer from the three provided for each of these questions:

        1. K ni ya wvn olk< Yunifasiti ati ile olukoni soto?

        A. Zpz l j} vknrin ti obrin
        B. Zpz l n k< vmv ni |k<
        D. Zpz l j} zmzw
        2. Vdn ml n cni t b f} xix} olk< ma l lti gba oy En-si?

        A. Vdn m}ta
        B. Vdn mj
        D. Vdn m}rin
        3. B til| j} wp ix} olkvni k lw lr ppz, o n

        A. y n wjv
        B. d n wjv
        D. Zg n wjv
        4. Nbo ni enyn n l lv s trt l}yn il-|k< grm lti kv ix} olkvni?

        A. Il-w olkvni
        B. il-|k< grm.
        D. Yunifst
        5. Zkan lra wvn ix} oj< t xe ptk jlv ni ________________

        A. Ix} Olk<
        B. Ix} Zlc
        D. Ix} p
        6. wvn wo ni olk<?

        A. wvn t n k< vmv n |k< n il-w
        B. wvn t n fn vmv n |kv n il-onjc
        D. wvn t n r vmv n |kv n il-ix}
        7. X Vknrin ti obnrin ni l xe ix} olk<?

        A. t, obnrin nkan ni l xe ix} olk<
        B. B}| ni, vknrin ti obnrin ni l xe ix} olk<
        D. B}| ni, vknrin ni l xe ix} olk<
        8. X ix} olk< fi vkn enyn bal| lwjv?

        A. B}| ni, ix} y fi vkn enyn bal| lwjv.
        B. t, ix} y k fi vkn enyn bal| lwjv
        D. A k mv by ix} y fi vkn enyn bal| lwjv


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